Seattle's badass LGBT pickup soccer game for all levels. Come out and play soccer!

What is this?

Kickabout is Seattle's mostly-weekly mostly-LGBT pickup soccer game. We play an organized, two-hour scrimmage on nice fieldturf surface. Sometimes there is a brief training/practice session before we play. Usually there is "one beer" after the scrimmage.

How do I contact Kickabout?

You can email us at [sundaykickabout] [at] [g] [mail] [dot] [com]. Ask us to and we'll add you to the mailing list so that you get a reminder the week before each kickabout.

Am I too good a player/too inexperienced a player/too bad a player/too out of shape to attend?

NO! The most experienced player to ever attend a kickabout currently plays in MLS. We have plenty of folks with college or high school experience. We have others who are strictly recreational players, and still others who are playing for the very first time EVER! We accomodate everyone's level so that we can all get plenty of touches on the ball, get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful game. So please come regardless of your experience as long as you have a good attitude and you're medically fit to run around and have fun.

No, really. I haven't played since I was 8. Is this really for me?

Absolutely. If you're returning to soccer after many years away, this is the perfect, non-threatening way to do it. If you want someone to meet you at the field a bit early to go over the basics, contact us and we'll make that happen.

What equipment do I need to play?

You will need shoes suitable for play on fieldturf (non-metal soccer cleats or turf shoes are okay.) Those who wish to preserve their shins wear shin-guards. This is a non-contact game, however, so those are optional. We provide the rest.

What are the rules?

We play contact-limited normal FIFA/soccer rules similar to those found in Seattle's co-rec league. To encourage safety, play from behind and play on the ground (slide tackles) are not allowed. Our main goal is to not get injured and to have fun. Keep in mind that you'll be playing against a wide variety of levels. We call our own fouls and there is no referee. We do not keep score. If you don't know what any of this means, don't worry about it.

Do you play full-field?

We often play full-field, but we may play one or two small-sided games depending on how many players show up. Likewise, we sometimes have goalkeepers and sometimes not.

What is Rain City Soccer Club? Can I join a league team?

Rain City Soccer Club is the Seattle's LGBT soccer club, and one of the largest such clubs in the world. The club organizes predominantly gay/lesbian soccer teams in the Seattle area which compete in GSSL and other local leagues. If you are a player of any level interested in joining a RCSC league team, a great way to start the process is to start attending Kickabout. Many team managers attend the scrimmage and will talk to you about your interest in playing league soccer.